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Susan Swan Yoga

If you can breathe 

you can do yoga

"I thought you were very professional and I thoroughly enjoyed the class and was particularly impressed with your concerns for individual safety (beginners yoga class)"

"proper yoga"

"Authentic teacher"

"Sooooooo relaxing"

"Plenty variety – something different every week"

As part of my initial Yoga Teacher Training, I was blessed with the opportunity of shadowing Remedial Yoga classes with Melanie Cook. I can still remember how humbled I was to see people who, on a bad day, could barely stand with the guts to arrive on the mat complete with enthusiasm and a smile. I knew then that I wanted to be part of a movement that makes yoga truly accessible to all. After completing my training I studied for a Diploma with the Scottish School of Yoga Therapy in the Scottish Borders. 

At the same time I was also studying with Leslie Kaminoff, co-aut​hor of Yoga Anatomy. This opened my mind to the uniqueness of each person’s physical make-up and hence the necessity for a yoga practice that is specifically tailored to that individual. It also alerted me to the possible harmful effects of a practice that is too dogmatic and not properly tailored, modified and supportive. 

Due to my formal training I can tailor your session based on solid research and best practice.

My personal Yoga practice spans more than 20 years and has been quite eclectic, hence my group yoga classes are varied, interesting and very well-informed. I can offer modifications to ensure group classes are as accessible as possible to all participants.

I can help you open your body and your mind to a practice that you never thought possible.

As soon as I began my Yoga Teacher Training I knew that I wanted to work with people who were struggling with their practice. I wanted to bring Yoga to the people who needed it the most, yet who would not ordinarily access it. This led me to begin training with the Scottish School of Yoga Therapy in 2014 and to completion of my Diploma in 2017. Through Yoga Therapy, I have been able to help people with a variety of problems including:

  • digestive problems
  • stress/Trauma
  • musculoskeletal issues
  • COPD
  • lower back pain
  • post pregnancy issues with core weakness

As a qualified Yoga Therapist I use a variety of techniques to help you uncover the root cause of your pain and suffering including:

  • sensitive and intelligent enquiry
  • body mapping
  • observation of the breath, posture, stance and movements
  • Astrological insight (upon request)

You can take back control using simple common-sense everyday changes, 

regardless of your present condition or fitness level.

Take Back Co​ntrol

with Yoga Therapy

"Susan is thoughtful, considerate and very person centred. She can call on a range of insights and skills to tailor programmes for individual needs."

"I first met Susan as my yoga teacher. She noticed some posture issues related to an old injury and we did some very helpful yoga therapy with corrective exercises that I continued to do on my own."

"Healthy Mind,

Healthy Body"

In Indian medicine (known as Ayurveda), all illness stems from the mental and emotional realm. Hence yoga therapy not only considers the condition of the physical body; it also takes into account the underlying psychological and emotional experience that may be relevant. Perhaps this is why Indian Astrology (the 'Science of Light') is considered to be a sister science to Ayurveda (the 'Science of Healthy Life'). Unlike other therapists I have almost 40 years experience working with Astrology and if requested I can analyse your birth chart to help you obtain a heightened psychological awareness of your condition. This is very relevant when considering the concept of the Samskara - the impressions in the unconscious mind that can be thought of as psychological imprints.

I was introduced to Astrology by a friend in 1983 when I was 18 years old. I was taught by Violet Milne who had the Astrology Centre in Edinburgh and I have been practising and studying Astrology ever since. After being a member of the Scottish Astrological Association (SAA) for quite some time I was asked to join the Committee. Over the years I held every post in the committee: Librarian, Secretary, Programme Co-ordinator, Treasurer, Vice-Chair and finally Chair.

I have given numerous talks to the SAA and have also spoken at the Astrological Association of GB Annual Conference. I have delivered talks in Glasgow and elsewhere in the UK and Internationally. I had a regular slot as the resident Astrologer on the ‘Talk to Phil and Dave’ Show on Pulse FM, where I read Horary Astrology charts live on air!

In 2001 I qualified as a ‘Horary Craftsman’ with John Frawley a well known and highly acclaimed Horary Astrologer. 

Whilst working as a Software Developer for a large Corporate company in Edinburgh, I suffered a personal trauma which resulted in my absence from work for several weeks. Some of the Doctors I saw were advising me to take medication but I had my reservations. I had heard good and bad stories about people taking meds for depression/anxiety so I was determined to get myself through it. I was at an advantage then, in that I was a already a seasoned practitioner of yoga and was familiar with most of the classes and studios around my area, having started practising in 1998. I knew I had to throw myself deeper into my practice and began attending at least one class a day. Slowly I started to turn a corner and felt better than I had before. I was enthusiastic, full of energy, optimism and drive as I returned to work. 

It was at this time that I decided I wanted to become a yoga instructor and share my experience and knowledge with others who could benefit. So when my Company offered redundancy the following year, I happily accepted and have never looked back.

This gave me the freedom I needed to complete my 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training at Camyoga in Cambridge where I passed with Merit in 2013.  

"My healing


"Samskara (n):

mental impressions, recollections,

or psychological imprints"

Eastern Philosophy holds a huge fascination with me. In fact it has answered questions that I have been asking from a very young age. I remember asking my Dad at the age of 5 where we go when we die.  My 'Nana' (mum's mum) had passed when I was three and this obviously got me wondering.  When he answered - you get buried under the ground - I remember my precocious response:  "but that’s just your body – where do you go?" When dad told me that you are your body and you go under the ground when you die I challenged further, asking "where do you go to think I am me".  

Wind forward to age 30 when I first formally learned about consciousness, I instantly recognised my inherent understanding from 25 years previous.

By the age of 17 I had discovered Spiritualism and joined a Spiritual/Psychic development circle at Portobello Christian Spiritualist Church.

At 18 years old I was a fully fledged Spiritual healer and had began studying Astrology.

Over the years I have become very comfortable with my intuitive/precognitive awareness.  During my dreams, I often receive premonitions, as well as information that informs my yoga practice and teaching.  

More recently I completed Professional training in Yoga Nidra with Chitra Sukhu.  Yoga Nidra is a deep sleep state, which can actually be attained whilst remaining conscious.  During this state it is possible to access your unconscious mind in order to overthrow your fears, release your creative potential, form new habits and much more.