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Taking back control

March, 2020

No doubt staying healthy is of primary concern to almost everyone, but what does this actually mean within an Ayurvedic framework? What causes illness? How can we boost our immune system? Why does our immune system get it wrong and what are the consequences? In short how can we take back control of our own health and wellbeing? Allow me to answer some of these questions and help you kick start your journey to health with a few simple, accessible daily cleansing practices.  

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What on earth is Yoga Therapy?

February, 2020

All too often the reaction I face when I inform someone that I am a Yoga Therapist is a minor panic-stricken look, coupled with a slow shuffling sideways retreat, finished off with the declaration:

‘I could never do yoga’! 

In fact trying to explain to the average layperson that Yoga Therapy does not rely on any athletic ability, acrobatic prowess, or in fact even being ‘able to do yoga’ has not been easy.

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