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Susan Swan Yoga

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Full Moon 30th Dec 2020.

December, 2020

This month’s Full Moon is at home in Cancer bringing a fulfilling sense of self-contentment. The Full Moon represents the opposing forces and the meaning of yoga is that which unites. Uranus operates by dividing and breaking down structure where necessary. Perhaps paradoxically this is the key to uniting these forces with the formation of an ‘easy opposition’ between the Sun and Moon.

"Modern technology is the key to widening our horizons

within familiar territory."

The Sun is in Capricorn - ruled by Saturn - who is very much in charge of this whole chart. As the ‘safety officer’ he is obviously averse to any undue risks. He should keep us in check and make sure we are able to stick to the rules.

With Venus in Sagitarrius the urge for social and creative freedom is strong but with a square to Neptune there is a challenge. Neptune wants to give up a sense of individuality and merge with the collective unconscious. 

"Why not put the energy of this configuration

into some helpful humanitarian causes

to feel that sense of connection?"

Mercury has been ‘combust’ (close to the Sun) since early December. As the planet of communication, rational thought and putting things in place in your day to day transactions, things may have been fraught with worry. Heated exchanges, circular arguments, confusion and an overawed sense of dread may have loomed over us this month. The good news is that this will be coming to a close in the next few days – so we can get back to business as usual in our ‘new normal’.

Susan Swan has a Diploma in Yoga Therapy and works in and around Edinburgh. Consultations available via zoom during lockdown.

If there is any topic(s) you would like to know more about? Feel free to offer suggestions for future blog posts! Email me here.