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Susan Swan Yoga

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New Moon/Solar Eclipse 14 Dec 2020.

December, 2020

A New Moon signifies completion, and new beginnings on a small and personal level. But to start something new we must first let go of anything that no longer fits, and realign to our true purpose. Be sure to tidy up any loose ends that might trip you up. The New Moon of 14th December 2020 occurs in the sign of Sagittarius, ruling legal and moral correctness, foreign affairs and finding your true calling

This New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse, visible in its entirety in parts of Chile and Argentina. Such phenomenon occurs when the Sun and Moon line up horizontally as well as vertically. Hence that sweet, butter-wouldn’t-melt, reticent little Moon will show omnipotent, glorious and sometimes overbearing Sun that not all power requires bravado: silence can be resounding and the tortoise can beat the hare. After which she will quietly slip below the horizon, her knowing smile reminiscent of the Mona Lisa’s. This is symbolic of the surrender of the ego

"Try to take a heart-centred approach

especially at this time – do what serves your soul, 

but be careful to toe the line."

We are also coming close to the end of another cycle: Every 20 years expansive, risk-taking, carefree Jupiter meets taskmaster, accountant and disciplinarian Saturn. As the eclipse occurs in Jupiter’s sign, I would define it as a trigger for the ‘Grand Conjunction’. This cycle usually rewards us for our balance – with hard work and patience on one side and courage to take a balanced risk on the other. Jupiter, however, is in ‘fall’. Simply put ‘pride cometh before a fall’. Jupiter took it too far, stole everyone’s thunder and fell off his throne. 

So if you got too big for your boots, your blue sky thinking may have turned grey and murky over the last year, but be assured the fat lady is yet to sing. And just before she does - right at the 11th hour (or 19th December to be precise) – Saturn, known as the planet of karma, will bring you what you deserve. The question is: did you put your eggs in the instant reward basket? Or did you hold off and wait for the long term gainThis is not the time for self-pity, and lamenting over losses - cry and you cry alone. Remember the universe gives us what we need - not everything we want. 

"Rational thinking and pragmatic action is called for 

right now. And Mars, the man of action 

is primed and ready for anything."

You may feel mental burn-out at the scale of your challenge, but every journey begins with one step forward, taken with purpose and clear intent. Don’t think about operating the whole machine at once – just take one cog and give it a nudge to set the big wheels in motion . This approach will see you make inroads - and between 19th and 20th December you will astound yourself with your own brilliance. When you see that the answer to your problem has been staring you right in the face you will get the clarity you need. Forge ahead – be fearless, assertive, forget complacency and be prepared for some straight talking

Susan Swan has a Diploma in Yoga Therapy and works in and around Edinburgh. Consultations available via zoom during lockdown.

If there is any topic(s) you would like to know more about? Feel free to offer suggestions for future blog posts! Email me here.