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Susan Swan Yoga


Here are some of the comments people have been making about me:

Yoga Therapy:

  • Susan is thoughtful, considerate and very person centred. She can call on a range of insights and skills to tailor programmes for individual needs.
  • I first met Susan as my yoga teacher. She noticed some posture issues related to an old injury and we did some very helpful yoga therapy with corrective exercises that I continued to do on my own.

Ayurvedic massage:

  • The facial was a joy ... I felt deliciously sleepy afterwards!
  • The foot massage was a favourite of mine. I felt as if I was floating on air when I went home later. To be recommended!

Group Yoga class:

  • I thought you were very professional and I thoroughly enjoyed the class and was particularly impressed with your concerns for individual safety (beginners yoga class).
  • proper yoga
  • Authentic teacher
  • Sooooooo relaxing
  • Plenty variety – something different every week

Chair based Yoga:

  • I had been experiencing issues with incontinence I really feel that things have been improving after just a few weeks.