Susan Swan Yoga

3 steps to a healthier you

Yoga therapy is possibly the oldest known form of holistic therapy. In this two hour workshop I aim to enhance your understanding of your own body and present you with simple techniques to take back control of your health and wellbeing.

I will introduce the following:

  • the role your digestive system plays in maintaining general health and wellbeing, including a healthy immune system
  • how unresolved stress negatively impacts the digestion
  • how to restore and rebalance your nervous system
  • the connection between the mental/emotional and physical bodies and how the breath is the vital connection between the two. 

I will then guide you through some simple cleansing practices - known as 'Kriyas' (as taught by the late Dr B P Pillai, Director of the Institute of Yogic Culture in South India).  Practice these, preferably every morning, and notice the following changes:

  • improved breathing
  • a more balanced digestive system 
  • easier elimination
  • clear any congestion/mucus around the sinuses
  • cleanse the respiratory tract
  • release tension around the face, neck and throat

We will then try a few simple yoga postures to balance the navel chakra, linked to the digestive fire. This chakra impacts how we digest, not only what we eat/drink, but also psychological situations and other people's drama!

No prior knowledge or ability required. Kriyas are performed seated.

Cost: £15 (includes handouts)